Pet Care

Pet Products

If your pet needs it to stay happy and healthy, Gardel carries it. We offer a huge assortment of high-quality pet supplies, toys and food. We want the very best for every pet, which is why we only stock products that we would buy for our own animals.

Pet Products
Dog Toys

Pet Toys

Every pet deserves to have their own special toys to play with, and we have plenty to choose from! We are proud to offer a wide selection of fun toys designed for all kinds of pets. If you’re not sure which one to choose, our team is happy to offer suggestions based on breed, environment and personality. We only carry toys that meet our seal of approval for health, happiness and longevity. Don’t forget, we love when your pets come to visit us, so you can always bring them in and let them pick out a toy for themselves!


Pet Habitats

For smaller mammals, reptiles, amphibians, birds and fish, it’s important to build the right home if you want them to feel comfortable. We carry a number of constructed habitats, as well as “build-your-own” options, to ensure you have the best choices available. Building a terrarium or aquarium requires a lot of careful consideration, but our team is always ready to offer advice, or to help you with the physical assembly. The best part is that a habitat doesn’t just have to be functional, it can be beautiful too! Take a look at our habitat gallery to see just how creative and stunning your friend’s home can be.

Pet Clothing

Pet Accessories

With any new pet comes the need for new accessories and supplies. Thankfully, Gardel carries everything you could need. From leads and leashes to beds, coats, boots and grooming supplies, Gardel is the ultimate one-stop pet shop. And if you’re not sure what your new friend will need, just ask! Our expert team can lead you to the right choices, no matter what pet you have questions about.

Pond Supplies

Build the garden oasis of your dreams with our wide selection of pond supplies. From liners to pumps to plants, we’ve got all the materials you need, plus years of expertise in crafting gorgeous custom ponds. Come in and speak with our experts for guidance anytime. And once your new pond is ready, we have plenty of fish available to help bring it to life.